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Frosties Our StoryHusband and wife team Damian and Stewart Weaver have owned Frosties Rail Stop in Louisa, Virginia since 2019. While vacationing in the Outer Banks last year, they noticed that there was something that might make a good addition to the area: “We thought maybe there was a need for a really high-quality soft serve here,” said Stewart.

Frosties’ ice cream is delightfully creamy thanks to a milkfat content three times higher than most competitors, according to the Weavers. They order the ice cream from a supplier in Pennsylvania. “We love it so much we actually ship it out every week ourselves. It’s just one little shop and it’s a very long trip for them. They don’t come to this area yet and we thought, we just have to get it down here–we’ll do it ourselves!” she laughed.

The soft serve flavors change each week. They start with a base of vanilla and make the flavor combinations onsite. Strawberry, for example, is made by pureeing fresh strawberries, adding the vanilla, straining out the bigger chunks “and you’ve got amazing strawberry,” Stewart said. ”The Weavers brought all their favorite recipes from their Virginia location, such as Peanut Butter Explosion, which includes ice cream of choice, Reese’s peanut butter sauce, Reese’s pieces and chopped Nutter Butter cookie; the kid-favorite Dirt Sundae with ice cream, crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms; and a traditional Banana Split served with strawberries, pineapple, Hershey’s sauce, wet walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top (of course). And the shaved ice! “That’s kind of our hidden gem for kids,” Stewart said. “It’s pretty big. It comes with a mound of ice. We tell people, beware of the size you choose! The kids get really excited when they see it.” Since its opening, the shop has been busy and is fast becoming a local favorite.

Credit: Summer Stevens, The Coastland Times

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